The Ortu Group
Main Group and f-Element Organometallic Chemistry

Welcome to the webpage of Dr Ortu and his research group!

Our research focuses on the organometallic chemistry of main group and f-block metals. Together with improving our fundamental understanding of these elements, we want to exploit their physicochemical properties for developing new methodologies applied to sustainable synthesis.

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03/2020: New paper published in Chemistry - A European Journal form PDRA work with David Mills at Manchester, in collaboration with Rodolphe Clerac (Bordeaux). 
03/2020: New paper published in Physical Reviews B from PDRA work with David Mills at Manchester.
03/2020: Alex has finished his MChem project in the lab - good luck with your future endeavours! 
03/2020: New preprint on collaborative work in molecular magnetism, in collaboration with Conrad Goodwin (Los Alamos) and Dani Reta (Manchester).

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Dr Fabrizio Ortu
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