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Main Group and f-Block Organometallic Chemistry

From left to right: Matthew Stevens, Alex Bowles (top right), Emily Spray (bottom right) and Fabrizio Ortu (tiny bottom right corner!)

Welcome to the webpage of the Ortu Research Group


  • 11/2021: Yuqing (Alex) Shao has joined the group on a CSC PhD scholarship. Welcome Yuqing!
  • 10/2021: Hannah Redmill and Kale Cooke have joined the group for their final year MChem projects. Welcome both!
  • 8/2021: New paper published in JACS from PDRA work on uranyl(V) photoluminescence done with Dr Louise Natrajan (Manchester) and in collaboration with Prof. Henry La Pierre (Georgia Tech), Prof. Karsten Mayer (Erlangen-N├╝rnberg) and Dr Andrew Kerridge (Lancaster).
  • 7/2021: New paper published in Inorganica Chimica Acta from a collaboration with Prof. Debashis Ray (Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur – India).
  • 7/2021: Matthew, Alex and Fabs attend the Dalton 2021 Joint Interest Group meeting. Matthew and Alex present posters. Thanks a lot to the organisers for a fantastic event!


Who we are and what we do

We are a synthetic group based at the School of Chemistry, University of Leicester. Our research focuses on the organometallic chemistry of main group and f-block metals. Together with improving our fundamental understanding of these elements, we want to exploit their physicochemical properties for developing new methodologies applied to sustainable synthesis. Go to our Research page to know more about this, or visit the Group page to meet our team.

As you can see, we love Schlenk-line chemistry…


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Dr Fabrizio Ortu

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Fabrizio Ortu, PhD MRSC
Office 2.19, School of Chemistry
University of Leicester
LE1 7RH Leicester
Tel: +44(0)116 294 4670
E: fabrizio.ortu@leicester.ac.uk
T: @FabOrtu