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Main Group and f-Block Organometallic Chemistry

From left to right: Alex Bowles, Yu Liu, Becky Sheppard, Elias Alexopoulos, Ajay Khela, Matthew Stevens, Fabrizio Ortu.

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  • 5/2023: Preprint published in ChemRxiv describing a blueprint for the stabilisation of subvalent heavy Group 2 complexes. Work led by Alex and in collaboration with Claire McMullin (Bath) and Inigo Vitorica (Manchester). Well done everyone!
  • 4/2023: The group attends the Dalton 2023 conference. Alex and Fabs give oral contributions, whilst Archie and Matthew present posters. Matthew is also one of the winners of the Sir Geoffrey Wilkinson Prize for best poster presentation – congratulations Matthew!
  • 4/2023: The group attends the inaugural Midlands Inorganic Discussions meeting in Warwick and Matthew gives an oral contribution.
  • 4/2023: Fabs is awarded an RSC Outreach grant to run a Chemistry Summer School at the University of Leicester.
  • 3/2023: Matthew passes his viva voce with flying colours and is the first PhD student to graduate from the group. Thanks to Prof. Rab Mulvey and Dr Sandy Kilpatrick for doing the honours. Well done Dr Stevens!


Who we are and what we do

We are a synthetic group based at the School of Chemistry, University of Leicester. Our research focuses on the organometallic chemistry of main group and f-block metals. Together with improving our fundamental understanding of these elements, we want to exploit their physicochemical properties for developing new methodologies applied to sustainable synthesis. Go to our Research page to know more about this, or visit the Group page to meet our team.

As you can see, we love Schlenk-line chemistry…


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Fabrizio Ortu, PhD MRSC
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